Shikoh Cosmas

Day: Friday

Time: 7:30 pm


Even though Kenya may have few art galleries, exhibitions and art awareness programmes unlike other nations, it has an incredible artistic community. Kenya has cut a niche for herself in the art world as a home for Bohemian expatriate artists, as well as many other international artists who live and work in the country.

A part from its aesthetic and entertainment value, many Kenyans are still misinformed about the art industry, yet it is one of the largest employment sector which incorporates traditional jewellery & bead making, carving, music, dance, sigana which includes storytelling, poetry, song and rituals et cetera, theatre and performance, literature, cinema, crafts and design which includes fashion and dress making.

Therefore, this programme provides a forum through which the masses are informed about the significance of the creative industry as a form of expression, education and most significant – economic emancipation. Moreover, the cultural activities which will be featured in the show can be used to enhance the understanding of the society and communities values and functions. This will contribute in building of a sense of national pride and cohesion amongst Kenyans.


A. The show seeks to highlight art scenes that range from the country’s traditional artistic wealth, to modern forms of art.

B. Provide / act as an informative medium through which Kenyans can appreciate the rich heritage that we have.

C. Educate potential artists on the enormous potential that lies in: creative, literary and performing arts as sources of revenue and employment.

Production Team

  1. Shikoh Cosmas – Presenter
  2.  Josephat Emeje – Producer / Director
  3.  Decker Ogada – Co-producer
  4.  Joshua Mutahi – Assistant producer